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About Us

About pangint

Welcome, here at pangint we believe in providing not only the best products but also the best support and service to our customers. We are proud to offer exclusive deals and promotions for our clients.

pangint was a specializing in Electronic commerce. From there it developed into an online retailer for almost everything you need for happy living.

The whole team is committed to providing low price, high quality products and professional services to global customers.

Why choose pangint

A wide range of great products
Friendly helpful customer service
Low cost shipping
Credit Card options

pangint Products

We have many products across a wide range of categories including: electronics, LED lights.  Every product we sell has been carefully selected to offer the best quality and highest value. To stay fashionable and current we are continually in the process of updating our product offerings to provide the latest gadgets electronics fashion and more.

pangint Prices

We target the best suppliers in foreign. Our purchasing and supplier management teams work hard to ensure the most competitive price and highest quality.

Warehouses and Offices

pangint has warehouses in China. Our international warehouses are strategically placed to offer faster delivery to our USA and UK customers. Stock reserves are adequate to ensure the goods are available and can be delivered promptly. In order to meet our quality standard testing all products go through quality control testing in the warehouse before they are shipped.

Our Service

Our goal is to provide the perfect service experience for you, you are always welcome to contact us with any questions or suggestions. Our customer service team is qualified and ready to assist you in your order enquiries